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          New Technology
    1.Green Eco faucet by attaching ECO artidge
    - Effect for saving of water using volume and cut of useledd hot-water
    □ Hot water saving cartrige
    In case of using mixer as usual, left side is range of hot-water, center is mixed range, right is range of cold-water, but when using Eco cartridfe, from top right position to center is cold-water range, it can be expected to cut useless hot-water.
    □ Water saving cartidge
    Consisted of 2 steps with click sound, firstly, it steps at 15 degree with water output of 70%, in this case, output is reached to 100%.
    Normal cartridge   Hot-water saving cartidge   Water saving carridge   Angle range of hot and cold water
    □ Efftect for Eco cartridge
    - Left-right click-Cut useleess hot-water by stop function.
    - Upper-down click-Water saving effect of 70% by 2 step function
    □ Decreased water using volume
    Noted by Minstry of Economy and Industry in JAPAN
    1) Normal cartidge : about 39,000ℓ/year
    2) Eco cartridge : about 32,400 ℓ /year
    Decreased volume for exhausted CO2
    Hot-water volume  CO2
    17%/year  48kg/year
    remark hot-water volume used City gas volume used volume for exhaussted CO2 MENUAL DOWNLOAD
    Normal cartridge 39,000ℓ 120.0㎡ 287kg
    hot-water saving cartridge 32,400ℓ 99.6㎡ 239kg
    2.Hot water stop faucet
    □ Effect of hot water cutting valve
    When summer season, you can save energy by cutting oeration of bolier, which can be prevented from unnecessary hot water flows in
    □ Convienve of control
    Control valve is being attached on the mixer body(90 ON/OFF system)
    3.Touch sink mixer
    - Touching control system by hand
    - when water flows out continuously, water stop auto matically
    - In case of sink head, it has nothing sensor function.
    4. Air-mixing shower head
    You can feel comfortalbe in the kitchen by using sensor sink faucet.
    - Available to save water consumption of 25~40% by air control device.
    - Same feeling as normal shower head function
    - Very tender by air-bubble system
    5.POT Filler
    You don't need to take cook instrumments to sink faucet,
    you can use water directly by pop filler faucet.
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